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When you’re up late at night and can’t sleep
Its 3am. Everyones asleep, except for you. This is when the world is most vulnerable. When you can’t sleep, look out the window. Talk a walk, you’ll be glad you did. The world is asleep, but the stars are awake. There is beauty somewhere there. The lights are brighter now, compared to the darkness around it.
Think about certain things. Think about your family. Remember to call your grandma soon, they’re only gonna be here for a little bit now, ask for some of their wisdom. Think about him. Think about the one. Think about them sleeping, thing about what they are doing right now. Are they also taking a walk, wondering if you’re asleep too?
The world is a beautiful thing, it just depends on how you’re supposed to look at it. The people around you make the world a better place. 

why cant i have nice eyebrows




view from work today. 

the dream


Adrien Sahores at Yohji Yamamoto menswear S/S 2013.

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